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80% of natural ingredients. 0% Parabens, phenoxyethanol. Hypoallergenic, Non comedogenic, Non photosensitising. Melatrio fades existing brown spots thanks to the gentle exfoliating action of the prolonged release AHAs combined with AHAs and limits the appearance of new spots by restricting the formation of melanin and its transfer into the epidermis thanks to a patented whitening active ingredient with eco-certification, containing a cyclo-ceramide, vitamin C derivative and quinoa peptides. Melatrio instantly and long-lastingly moisturises thanks to glycerine and beeswax. It soothes and restructures the skin thanks to quinoa peptides. Melatrio is Ideal for relaying a laser treatment session. INDICATIONS Melatrio can be used to treat any type of brown spots on the face, hands and/or décolleté.



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