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Bioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant 500 ml

Mild cleansing foaming gel, cleanse your skin from all the impurities and pollution !

Limited quantity!



A cleansing gel that soothes sensitive and reactive skin

The facial cleansing foam is formulated by Bioderma laboratories to respect sensitive skin.
Thus, it brings in particular:
-gentle cleansing and make-up removal
-significant hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis
-soothing irritation and tightness
After each use, the skin is perfectly cleansed and remains supple.
This product allows it to retain its elasticity and limit reactions due to external aggression, such as hard water.

A combination of soothing active ingredients and moisturizing agents
The cleansing gel for the face designed by Bioderma respects delicate skin thanks to a unique and patented formulation:

Dermatological Advanced Formulation is a natural complex present in all Bioderma products.

-Bioderma Sensibio facial cleanser gently cleanses the skin.
-Usable morning and evening, it helps limit the risk of irritation and soothe reactive skin.
-Your face is perfectly clean, ready to receive a moisturizer.

Using advice:
-This cleansing gel gently cleanses your face.
-Morning and evening on your wet skin, lather the product before rinsing it off with plenty of lukewarm water.
-It is recommended to gently dry your face by dabbing a clean towel, without rubbing in order to minimize irritation and skin reactions.
-Your thoroughly cleansed skin can receive day or night care.

100 % Authentic

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