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Celliflore fat burner tea

Formula developed to accelerate fat burning.

20 sachets


For those who want to pay attention to their figure, Juvamine has developed this specific Cellliflore Fate Burner Tea. With a pleasant mango taste, it activates energy consumption and fat burning.


Helps the natural fat burning process.

Mate and Kola

Have a tonifying action and contribute to water draining in the body.

Green Tea

Contributes to kidney function and renal elimination.

Orthosiphoon and Cherry Stem

have a diuretic and draining action.

81% of users are satisfied with the Celliflore programme

The satisafaction was measured on 32 women taking 4 teabags of Celliflore Fat Burner Tea every day for 20 days and 2 pills of Taf Burner Juvamine.

Infuse the tea bag in simmering water for 3 to 4 minutes.

Take 1 to 4 tea bags a day.

For people who are sensitive to exciting active ingredients like Tea, avoid taking Fat Burner Tea before bedtime.

100 % Authentic

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