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Size 12 Ampoules
12 Ampoules
3 Ampoules

Coup D'Eclat Lifting Ampoules

This softens tension of the face and smoothes expression wrinkles.

3 Ampoules
12 Ampoules


Coup d'Eclat offers a range of natural anti-aging skin care products from Laboratoires Asepta. Asepta invented the first Instant Facial Lifting Product in 1967 and continues to provide excellent products.

Today Coup D'Eclat's Instant Face Lifting Ampoules are still the market leader when it comes to facial lifting products and the line has extended into a range of high-end anti-aging facial treatments and a 12 day collagen treatment as well.

Coup d'Eclat Instant Lifting Ampoules contain a serum that is applied to cleansed skin to give an instant face lift lasting 8 hours. Skin becomes smoother and more radiant, traces of fatigue disappear, and fine lines are smoothed out.

Acmella extract (a South American plant) produces a myo-relaxing (Botox-Like) effect along with a soothing action. This softens tension of the face and smoothes expression wrinkles.

When mixed with liquid foundation, make-up is held in place for an all day glow.

Suitable for all skin types. New plastic ampoules are safe and easy to use.

100 % Authentic

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