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Color # 1 Black
# 1 Black
# 3 Dark Brown
# 4 Chestnut Brown
#4.1 Profound Brown
# 5 Light Brown
#5.1 Profound Light Brown
# 5.3 Golden Light Brown
# 6 Dark Blonde
# 6.66 Scarlet Intense Red
# 7 Blonde
# 7.1 Ash Blonde
# 7.31 Beige Blonde
# 7.7 Honey Brown
# 8 Lightest Blonde
# 8.1 Lightest Ash Blonde
#9.1 Intense

Any hair shade, anytime, with none of the worry. Choose the hair dye that protects as it colors with Excellence by L’Oréal Paris. Available in a variety of shades, our unique formula gives your hair color unbeatable shine that lasts wash after wash.

The easy way to color your hair, cover those greys and maintain your look – accept nothing more than Excellence by L’Oréal Paris. 

100 % Authentic

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