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Oral-B electric StarWars toothbrush.


The Oral-B Stages Power Star Wars electric toothbrush is covered with kid’s favorite characters.
Soft bristles are safe and gentle on your child’s teeth and gums, with the compatible Disney Magic Timer app encouraging them to brush for longer for better oral health
The toothbrush comes with a rotating Power Head which features extra-soft bristles that are gentle on your child’s teeth and gums. The soft bristles allow your child to clean their teeth safely as they learn proper oral care habits, which is ideal for ages 3+
The battery lasts for 2 x 2-minute brushing sessions a day, for up to five days from a single charge. The rechargeable battery in the handle is helpful to let you recharge whenever you need it, ensuring the brush is always ready at the touch of a button."

•oscillating-rotating action for a proper clean
•rotating powerhead features gentle , extra-soft bristles
•the battery can last up to five days on a single charge"

100 % Authentic

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