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Dietaroma Osteoprotect

Preventing fracture risks and improving calcification and helps maintain bony capital.

30 tablets


To help maintain your bone capital throughout your life, DIETAROMA offers the dietary supplement Osteoprotect Calcium Marin - Vitamin K2 - D3! A reinforced formula of the osteoprotect product proven for 20 years.

This new version always combines natural ingredients selected for their rich calcium and vitamin D3: lithothamne and lichen extract. An intake of vitamin K2 from the plant has been added.

A natural and effective formula to meet all people who need an extra intake of calcium and minerals. During periods of growth, in case of fractures, bone weakness, at the time of menopause. Or even for athletes who demand their bodies a lot.

Calcium is necessary to maintain a normal frame.

Vitamin D and vitamin K help maintain normal bone structure.Vitamin D contributes to the absorption and normal use of calcium.

100 % Authentic

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