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Pileje Porphyral HSP Derm

A cream which soothes (aloe vera), moistens, protects and repairs the skin.

50 ml


Porphyral HSP Derm is a restorative and moisturizing cream for altered, dry, dehydrated skin. It combines 4 main ingredients from the plant world:

> Porphyral HSP from the seaweed Porphyra umbilicalis
> Shea butter
> Borage oil
> Aloe vera

Porphyral HSP is an ingredient of natural origin obtained from an alga harvested on the Brittany coast, Porphyra umbilicalis .

This alga is part of the plants able to survive and reproduce in hostile environments (temperature variations, salinity, exposure to UV ..).

Paraben free

Use: Apply in light massages, at least twice a day until complete repair of the skin surface.

100 % Authentic

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