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Roge Cavailles Moisturizing Body Balm

Moisturizing Body Balm providing dual-action hydration

200 ml


Once the first signs of dry skin appear, it’s too late to simply moisturize–you also need to nourish the skin.

With a formula enriched with vitamin-packed Surgras, our Moisturizing Body Balm provides dual-action hydration:
– Its emollient ingredients (jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter) prevent overdrying.
– It deeply nourishes thanks to its vitamin and mineral complex, which stimulates the production of natural moisturizing agents.

Its formula is particularly rich in carefully selected emollient ingredients to soothe very dry and irritated skin, leaving it soft and comfortable.

Apply it to the dry areas of your skin once or twice a day.

100 % Authentic

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