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Resultime Night Peeling Lotion Collagen

Skin is more luminous; it appears resurfaced and irregularities are smoothed.


100 ml


The Resultime night peeling lotion is an anti-aging treatment that is used every evening on clean, dry skin, before the serum and the night cream.

It aims to stimulate cell renewal, which tends to slow down with age, and to eliminate dead cells on the surface of the skin.

This lotion smooths irregularities in the skin's texture, helps reduce dark spots and revive the complexion.

The Resultime night peeling lotion formula is based on the combination of different active ingredients to provide a "new skin" effect. We find in particular several fruit acids, such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid and citric acid.

These acids are renowned for their smoothing, resurfacing and brightening properties.

In this lotion, the fruit acids are associated with a micro-collagen, a native collagen and a pro-collagen active ingredient that will plump the skin and restore tone, suppleness and elasticity.

Used daily, Resultime night peeling lotion is an integral part of the beauty routine. It helps keep skin smooth, luminous and full of vitality. It is recommended to avoid any exposure to the sun when using a peeling treatment, and to apply every morning a day cream or a foundation including a sun protection index.

This is because AHAs and UV rays are not compatible, and failure to take precautions against the sun can lead to the appearance of dark spots.

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