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Resultime Anti Ageing Eye Patch

Collagen Eye Patches – Smooth, Brighten and Tone the Eye Contour Area

3 ml


Specially designed for this thin and delicate area, the Collagen Eye Patches restore freshness and radiance to the eye contour area in just 10 minutes.

Their high-tech bio cellulose tissue rapidly diffuses the renewing effectiveness of the Plumping Collagen to tone and smooth the skin.

Apply these single-use fabric patches once or twice a week.

1- Start by removing the first external blue film to unwrap the 1st patch and apply it below the eye in the hollow of the dark circle. Unwrap the second patch by removing the white film, then the second blue film.

2 - Apply below the other eye and leave for 10 minutes.

3 - Then remove the patches and make light tapping movements to encourage penetration of excess product and stimulate the micro circulation.

Complete your skincare routine with the other Plumping Collagen products.

100 % Authentic

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