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SebaMed Cracked Heel Cream

Supports elasticity of the nail

Clinically tested

75 ml


Immediate relief for very dry, rough and callused feet.

Hydrating complex with Allantoin penetrates rapidly into skin
Provides noticeable relief with the softening of the callused skin
Care formula with Hydrolyzed Keratin moisturises the nails and helps to maintain their elasticity
Non-greasy, fast absorbing formula
Skin care products with a neutral or alkaline pH compromise the natural protective functions of the skin’s acid mantle, increasing the risk of dehydration and skin reactions
Provide moisture balance to improve and maintain the health and beauty of the feet
Care complex with Allantoin provides noticeable relief of dryness, cracks and calluses
Soaking the feet in a foot bath supports circulation and softens the skin
The pH 5.5 promotes the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle
Dermatologically / clinically tested

100 % Authentic

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