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SVR Hydracid C20 Cream

Anti-oxidant anti-wrinkle radiance concentrate

30 ml


For all types of sensitive skin. Sallow complexion, wrinkles, lack of radiance. Face and neck. Adults.

Skin-boosting HYDRACID C20 is a gel cream concentrated in vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to energize skin that is tired, creased and lacking color.
Skin is smoothed, unified and radiant – just the way we like it!

Results measured after one month:
• smoother + 53%
• more radiant: + 46%

HYDRACID C20 Crème contains just the right dose of dermatological actives to revitalize the skin’s energy:
- 20% optimized vitamin C: a powerful and recognized antioxidant, it protects against ageing and brightens the skin
- High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: boosts the skin’s moisture reserves for a hydrating, plumping effect

How to use it:
Apply morning and/or evening to the face, neck and décolleté. Non-photosensitizing.

100 % Authentic

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