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SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel

24-hour anti-spot anti-mark targeted active gel


For sensitive and acne-prone skin, face.

It’s annoying when a spot appears at the wrong time, but Sebiaclear Cicapeel, the 24-hour spot stopper, will come to the rescue!
This targeted active gel dries up and eliminates spots and blackheads in record time while preventing marks from forming.
Its invisible oil-free gel texture keeps working all day long.

The skin secretes sebum for protection, but if there is too much, skin becomes shiny and hair follicles (sebum-secreting glands at the base of hair shafts) become blocked, leading to blemishes, blackheads and spots.

Two super-concentrated dermatological actives:
14% gluconolactone, a naturally-derived ingredient with keratolytic properties.
Salicylic acid: gently exfoliates the skin

How to use it:
Apply locally two or more times a day. The invisible gel texture means it can be applied under makeup.

100 % Authentic

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