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SVR Topialyse Creme Emolliente

Enhanced anti-irritation & anti-itching action.

200 ml


Emollient face and body cream.
Enhanced anti-irritation & anti-itching action.
Baby, child, adult.
For dry skin with atopic tendency.

Can be used in conjunction with topical local ratological treatments.
Reinforced anti-irritation and anti-scratching actions.

Thanks to its new very complete formula, Topialyse cream acts on all the factors of atopic dryness.
It rebalances the mechanisms responsible for irritation and incitement to scratching and limits bacterial proliferation thanks to the complementary combination, resulting from research by SVR laboratories, of a regulatory peptide and glycyrrhizinic acid derivatives.

It restores the skin barrier for enhanced protection thanks to Omega 3, 6 and 9 ceramides.

Its texture penetrates and spreads easily, nourishes and soothes immediately and durably dry and very dry skin prone to atopy. the skin thus regains comfort and suppleness.

Hypoallergenic. Very high tolerance.

Usage tips:
Apply once or twice a day to dry skin ideally cleansed with Topialyse washing cream.

100 % Authentic

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