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Uriage Fresh Deodorant

It is a daily hygiene product that will keep you feeling fresh and soft for 24 hours

125 ml


Uriage freshness deodorant is a hygiene product that fights against the appearance of bad odors under the armpits.

It naturally regulates perspiration by absorbing moisture and does not block the sweating process.

It is a daily hygiene product that will keep you feeling fresh and soft for 24 hours.

Uriage freshness deodorant has a high tolerance and ultra-soft formula that will suit the most sensitive and delicate skin.

It is alcohol-free and contains natural sweet almond oil and alum stone.

Sweet almond oil has the benefits of deeply hydrating the skin and soothing dry and tight skin.

Natural alum stone is an active mineral with recognized deodorant properties.

It is a powerful anti-bacterial agent that will limit the formation of bacteria that cause bad odors.

Indeed, it is the bacteria naturally present on the skin which, by feeding on the sweat, emit these unpleasant odors.

This Uriage freshness deodorant does not contain aluminum salts and leaves a fresh and discreet fragrance.

Its application does not leave white and yellow marks on clothes.

Apply daily to clean armpits.

Shake well before each use.

Spray 15 cm from the armpits.

100 % Authentic

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