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Size XS/ 16 mm
XS/ 16 mm
S/ 20 mm
M/ 24mm
L/ 28 mm
XL/ 32 mm

Spectra wide breast shields, Different sizes available.

Use the Spectra Breast Shield Set to replace your original breast pump parts or to keep an extra set at work. If double pumping, please buy two. The Spectra Breast Shield set is great for our spectra pumps when needing replacement parts in a set.
Spectra recommends replacing your parts every 3-6 months for optimal use.


Compatible with S1, S2 and 9 Plus breast pumps, this is the set you’ll need as a replacement part or as an extra set on-hand for home or work.

Because it is recommended replacing your breast pump parts every 3-6 months for optimal performance and hygiene, the Spectra Breast shield set is the perfect set to buy when it’s time to replace.

If you are double pumping please order (2) sets.
X-Small: 16 mm
Small: 20 mm
Medium: 24 mm
Large: 28 mm
X-Large: 32 mm

100 % Authentic

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